Using Technical Analysis For Trading The Emini-How To Shortcut The 3 Year Learning Curve

By Rockford Tapscott

Understanding technical analysis and candlestick chart patterns on the Emini can give us very reliable signals for trade entries and exits, and take a lot of the guess work out of trading the Emini futures market. It is very hard to argue which way the trend is heading if the index is making a series of higher tops and bottoms on our chart and the candles are all green. Buying the index in these circumstances is like getting carried up an's an easy trade when you go with the flow.

Unfortunately, many people fight the trend and sell (or worse, go short) at every small down tick, thinking they have picked the top, only to see the Emini rise further immediately. By the time the buyers are finished, these traders have spent their monetary and psychological capital in a futile attempt to pick the top of the market.

Another common mistake traders often make is ignoring all of their technical analysis indicators and being long in a downtrend, and then buying extra Emini contracts as the price falls, or averaging a loss. You can see how dangerous this strategy can be (at least in the short term) in a situation like we've experienced several times over the last five years. Always remember - the trend is your friend, don't ever buck it.

Becoming proficient at technical analysis and determining the trend of the market can give us the inside running as traders, but it can take years of study and trial and error to become good enough at it to become successful. Does TA work all the time? Of course not, nothing does. Losses on some trades are inevitable, as we cannot know for sure what the market will do. All our analysis can do is alert us to probabilities - there are no certainties in financial markets.

This is the hardest thing for most traders to accept. We all hate to be wrong, but that is the nature of the business. All we can do is take every trade our system gives us and see what happens. The better our analysis and our system, the more likely our trades will produce profits. And in addition to TA skills, you need patience, discipline and emotional control to become a successful Emini trader.

Typically, as traders we must find or develop and perfect a trading system or set of analysis tools that we are comfortable with, based on what we learn from other traders, learning from our (often expensive) mistakes, taking courses and other forms of study.

But what if you could short-cut the learning curve and become a profitable Emini trader as soon as today? What if you could 'borrow' a successful trader's system and immediately implement it for yourself? Instead of spending your time learning to trade, you could actually be trading profitably almost immediately.

The solution is to find an advisory or trading alert service that tells you when to buy, where to put your stop loss order, and when to sell. Now the signals the service gives you have to be reliable of course, but when you find one that helps you to make consistent profits trading the Emini, all you have to do is stick with it and you have saved yourself countless hours of study and analysis (and probably years of painful, expensive trial and error). This is time you can better spend enjoying the lifestyle that becoming a profitable trader gives you.

Let's face it; most of us don't trade the market just because we enjoy the rush. We want the money, the lifestyle and the time freedom it gives us. Working from home (or anywhere else for that matter) for a few hours a day, taking days off when we want to, no boss to answer to. Trading the Emini market for a living is the ultimate lifestyle business. Well as long as you are making money it is... If you're not, it's a nightmare. You can see the potential, but the learning curve and time it sucks up can take a huge chunk of your life.

For my money, it makes sense to let somebody else spend the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars required to learn to trade profitably, and then hitch a ride on their coat tails. All I have to do is invest a small percentage of my ongoing profits to access the service, and I get to keep ALL the rest. This is something you should consider testing if you are not making the kind of returns you know are possible trading the Emini S&P, the Emini Dow, the Emini Russell or Emini Nasdaq markets.

Joining a profitable Emini trading advisory service that gives you reliable technical analysis entry and exit signals will save you countless hours of study (and many sleepless nights) as you grapple with learning to trade profitably yourself. Why go through that when for a small monthly fee you can access the system of somebody who has already worked it out, and can hand you profitable Emini trades on a silver platter. Something to think about?

Rocky Tapscott is a trader and investor who works with Professional Emini Trading Coach Sam Goldberg helping traders profit from trading the market. Sam has introduced a new Trading Alert Service that identifies regular, high probability trade setups in the Emini S&P, the Emini Dow, the Emini Russell or Emini Nasdaq markets.

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